Moje Prace

Children of Morta logo revamp

Some time ago I made a revamp and small redesign of logo for the game Children of Morta.
As a base, we got the logo made by developers, Dead Mage. It had nice vibe to it, and was in line with the game,
but didn’t work well as a logotype that needed to be both shown on artworks, printed and crafted into merchandise items. I made lots of versions digitally as well as sketches.


My final project finally went back to dev team, and their artist and designers, that added some retouches, and final logotype were made:

This design was used to make all promotional assets
and vectorised, simplified versions was used to make for example merchandise pins:

(Artwork used as backgrounds is one of key visual artworks for the Children of Morta game, and was made by dev team Dead Mage.
Pins were made by MCCMedale)